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The CoverMes System: Your Solution for Outdoor Furniture Covering & Storage

The CoverMes System is a unique way to easily and conveniently cover your possessions to protect them from the elements. Literally within seconds, you can now deploy your water resistant covers from a patented storage bag attached to the object. When you are ready to remove the cover and stow it away, you simply roll it back up into its stylish ventilated bag removably attached to your piece.

Our covers are made of a proprietary lightweight, water resistant polyester and are designed to fully cover your indoor or outdoor furniture from the harshest of elements.

CoverMes offers products in a wide variety of standard colors as well as custom colors. Shop our selection online today! We provide custom outdoor covers across the world.

We shape our covers based on 4 measurements for a custom fit look—the width, the depth, the height of the back and the front height. If our standard measurements do not meet your requirements, we encourage you to choose custom measurements of your own. 

You may purchase covers separately from the bags. All CoverMes covers attach perfectly to any CoverMes storage bag.


Unique Covermes System

The CoverMes System is a unique way to easily cover your outdoor furniture to protect it from elements year round. Many furniture covers are on the market; however, CoverMes is the only system that enables rapid, convenient and elegant storage, and retrieval, with its patented combination cover-and-bag design. Deploy weatherproof covers from our beautiful storage bag attached to your furniture; when ready to remove the cover and stow it away, simply roll it back up into its stylish ventilated bag, which can even be removed from the furniture to store neatly elsewhere. Watch the video and see how it works for yourself!

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Long-Lasting Custom Outdoor Covers

Stop letting the elements destroy your expensive outdoor furniture! Keep it clean and dry, year round, with CoverMes lightweight water resistant custom outdoor covers. Prevent oxidation, discoloration, and mildew buildup with our unique and durable design. The CoverMes system is custom sized to your needs and available in a wide variety of colors, including custom colors. Contact us to learn more or shop online today!

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