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seating areas protected by CoverMes custom outdoor covers

Custom Outdoor Covers for Greenwich, New Canaan & Westchester, NY

It’s a sad day when you have to break down and put away your patio set or other outdoor furniture for the season. Why not save yourself the heavy lifting and need to create storage space by taking advantage of using custom outdoor covers instead? CoverMes carries some of the highest quality custom outdoor covers that are sure to protect your furniture against the elements year-round. We are your premier source for The CoverMes System products in the Greenwich, New Canaan, and Westchester, NY areas.

Once you get your outdoor seating area set up just the way you like, it makes sense why you wouldn’t want to undo all that hard work. You also don’t want to let the cute and comfortable furniture you just invested in get damaged by sun exposure, rainwater, or harsh winter weather. Wood furniture is particularly vulnerable to these issues. But whatever type or style of outdoor furniture you have, you bought it because you like it and it would be a shame to have to replace it. Not to mention, a waste of money. A small purchase of some sturdy custom outdoor covers now will save you more in the long run and make sure the pieces that you carefully picked out and fell in love with stick around through the years.

Make CoverMes Your First Choice for Custom Outdoor Covers!

The best custom outdoor covers will also protect against high winds, humidity, and insects. They should be fitted to the specific dimensions of your furniture, versus the one-size-fits-all covers you’ll find in many stores. Therefore, it’s important to measure your items before you shop. Here at CoverMes, we can cover lounge chairs, sectionals, benches, daybeds, tables, bars, swings, grills, umbrellas, and more!

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